I’m just a guy down in Austin Texas who had a shed whose doors needed a way to close and lock.

Before my invention, I tried several different latches, somehow hoping the mechanics would be “magical” and “just work”, but they never did.

I ended up buying some 2×4 bar holders from Lowes (I have the type on my non-secure store area) and putting them up. I was fairly happy with them, up to a limit. 

Every single time I went to the car, all I could see was my shed and the stupid stupid extra 2×4 on the door which I put up because the ones sold at Lowes were just too darned wide.

So the real reason I made these was that I thought the width of the standard bar holder was ridiculous.

When I finished, I ended up with the design you see featured on this site.

I’ve got ideas on improvements but I’d rather hear from you. When you get this installed, I’d like to hear how it went, the good the bad and the ugly. What can I do better? What went well?

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy a little background and an invitation to correspond with me, the sole inventor, the only guy behind these 2×4 bar holders.