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Paw Print Leash Hanger for Wall – Customer Pictures

I love receiving the pictures of the Paw Print Leash Hanger for Wall Mount before and after installation.

This installation of the leash hanger for light switch covers was neat because this customer used rocker switches. Most of the BearMar photos of the wall mount leash holder are standard toggle switches.

One of the primary features of the leash holder for wall is that it can install behind ANY 2 gang installation of any configuration of light switches, outlets, or a mix of the two.

Here are the pictures of the customer’s installation of the Paw Print Leash Hanger for Wall Mount.

2-Gang Rocker Switch Before Paw Print Dog Leash Holder for Wall Installation
2-Gang Rocker Switch Before Paw Print Dog Leash Holder for Wall Installation
2-Gang Rocker Light Switch Cover with Paw Print Dog Leash Holder for Wall Mount Installed with Leashes
2-Gang Rocker Light Switch Cover with Paw Print Dog Leash Holder for Wall Mount Installed with Leashes

Installing Bearmar’s leash hanger behind the light switch cover provides discreet organization, optimizing space efficiency. This clever integration ensures a seamless, clutter-free look in your living space. The hidden placement maintains aesthetics while offering a functional solution for leash storage. With easy access and a tidy appearance, it enhances both convenience and style.

Not only can you purchase this clever light switch cover leash holder on this site, but you can find the leash hangers on Amazon and leash hangers on Walmart.

Here is a summary of the key features of this leash hanger:

  • Leash holder designed to fit under a light switch cover
  • By fitting under a light switch cover the installation is super easy
  • Allows re-use of the light switch areas – which are ALWAYS the most convenient places in the house
  • Discreet organization for leashes
  • Optimizes space efficiency
  • Seamless integration for a clutter-free look
  • Easy access to leashes while maintaining aesthetics
  • Enhances convenience and style in your living space.
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Coffee Bar Christmas Decorations – Holly Jolly Java Milk Frother Stand

Looking for clever and unique coffee bar Christmas decorations? Swap out your ugly cluttery wire stand holding your handheld milk frother with this holly jolly java milk frother holder.

The beauty of the Holly Jolly Java Milk Frother Holder is that you can decorate *AND* better organize your coffee bar. It does this because it wall mounts your coffee frother. By wall mounting your coffee frother you reduce your coffee bar counter space clutter.

After the holiday season you can replace the faceplate with another holiday.

During the holiday season, especially Christmas, so many decorations simply add clutter.

If you are looking for great coffee bar christmas decorations then check it out. Below here is a picture of the frother holder (without the frother).

wall mount milk frother holder stand only replacement showing closeup - Christmas New Year Holiday Season Decoration - Holly Jolly Java
wall mount milk frother holder stand only replacement showing closeup – Christmas New Year Holiday Season Decoration – Holly Jolly Java
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Morning routine and recipe – Almond Milk Mocha Espresso – Handheld Milk Frother

You’re probably wondering how a handheld milk frother relates to a recipe for an Almond Milk Mocha Espresso but it does.

Having a routine is crucial in our everyday lives, providing us with a sense of structure and stability. This is particularly true in the morning, where establishing a consistent routine can set the tone for the entire day. From brewing a perfect cup of coffee to preparing a delightful morning beverage like a mocha or cappuccino, these rituals not only offer a comforting start to the day but also bring a touch of familiarity and joy to our mornings.

So to recap – it is all about the experience and the routine. The equipment is important too.

Ingredient List for the perfect Almond Milk Mocha Espresso Drink

Equipment List

Consumable Ingredients for an Almond Milk Mocha

  • Summer Moon Velvet Blaze Coffee – we think the medium roasts are best for espresso. Dark is ok, but the french & italian go too far. Velvet Blaze seems to be a very good bean/roast that is great in drip and great as espresso.
  • Kirkland Almond Milk – We like this as it doesn’t have lots of added junk to it.
  • Heavy Cream. No link provided – you can buy at any grocery store. You probably can Almond milk too, but we’ve struggled to find almond milk without junk in it. This helps the almond milk froth and taste a little more rich.
  • Hershey’s Simply Five Chocolate Syrup – This is not a health food, but I am telling you about my Mocha.

Recipe for the perfect Almond Milk Mocha Espresso… using a Handheld Frother

  1. Grind enough beans for fills of the espresso basket.
  2. Get two BIG – 15 ounce coffee cups ready – one for wifey and one for my mocha
  3. Put 3 tablespoons of Hershey’s into the electric warmer-frother cup
  4. fill one more tablespoon of Hershey’s and eat it straight. Put spoon into dishwasher.
  5. Put 2 tablespoons of heavy cream into the electric warmer-frother cup *AND* the Breville stainless steel cup.
  6. Fill the electric warmer-frother just shy of the full mark with almond milk.
  7. Fill the Breville stainless about 5/8 full with the almond milk.
  8. Start the electric warmer frother going w the chocolate mix. It is slow.
  9. Fill your espresso basket clear full and tamp. No, I am not precise like Jim Hoffman.
  10. Start the Breville and fill the glasses all the way – I know – imprecise.
  11. Pour into coffee cup #1
  12. Repeat 9-10 and put in coffee cup #2
  13. Repeat 9-10 and split between coffee cup #1 and #2.
  14. I rinse the espresso tools at this point so they are clean and the area stays nice.
  15. Froth the Breville stainless steel almond milk and heavy create to 140 F or so. Use a video on youtube for learning about frothing.
  16. If the Capresso stops, restart it so it gets hot enough – the Capresso needs more time to get hot than the auto-shutoff.
  17. When done with the stainless frothing… pour into coffee cup #2 and bring to your dear dear better half.
  18. Remove the Capresso cup… it won’t be frothy enough. Now use the handheld frother and be amazed as it will add about another 25% to the volume – the flavor completely changes when it is frothed!
  19. Pour this Capresso cup textured chocolate mixture into coffee cup #1.
  20. Now go visit over coffee with your sweetie.
  21. The COOL THING IS THIS – it all came out at about the same time – like a pro chef.

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A really great Amazon Review for Milk Frother Stand Only

Milk Frother Stand Review of Holder Stand Replacement that Wall Mounts
review for the milk frother stand

Love to see people really enjoy using and then kindly providing a review for the milk frother stand only replacement. The attractive and festive faceplate is a real game changer. Plus the decorative design I’ve made for this milk frother holder looks amazing.

If your milk frother is a rechargeable with multiple attachments, BearMar also makes a milk frother holder that can hold 2 attachments as well.

Here is the review in text form:

This frother stand not only cleans up my counter space but is perfect for fall as I am one that loves everything pumpkin spice!! My previous stand would always tip over, this definitely takes care of that issue!
This does have a mount to attach to the cabinet, but I used a command strip on my backsplash that worked perfectly! Can’t wait to replace the pumpkin with another holiday! Would definitely recommend this product!

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Universal Light Switch Cover or Electric Outlet Cover

A Universal Light Switch Cover Plate might be needed if you want to add on a cool feature to your current light switch. For example, you could add a dog leash holder or key holder for the wall. It is a pain in the rear to try to fit all different light switch covers.

The three sizes of Light Switch Covers: Regular, Midway, and Jumbo

Light switch covers come in three main sizes: regular, midway, and jumbo. These sizes cater to the diverse dimensions of light switches found in homes and commercial spaces, ensuring a snug fit and a polished look for your interiors.

Wallplate dimensions for single and double gang wall plates
Wallplate dimensions for single and double gang wall plates

Regular Size Outlet Cover or Light Switch Wall Plate

The regular-sized light switch cover is the most common and versatile choice. It accommodates standard single or double switches, offering a streamlined appearance that complements most room designs. These covers strike a balance between simplicity and functionality, making them a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Midway or Midsize Outlet Cover or Light Switch Covers

On the other hand, the midway-sized light switch cover falls between the regular and jumbo sizes. It’s a great option when a standard cover is too small and a jumbo one is unnecessarily large. The midway size covers the switch adequately and provides a clean look, making it suitable for situations where a standard cover might appear inadequate.

Why A Jumbo Light Switch Cover might be used

For those larger switches or multiple switches side by side, the jumbo-sized light switch cover is the ideal solution. Jumbo covers provide ample mess-up coverage. The large covers ensure all switches are fully concealed and protected. Jumbo covers are for specialized spaces when multiple switches are clustered. Jumbo covers are for larger switches that require a more expansive cover.

A Jumbo size is used when your home builder or remodeler made a mess with your light switches and you need to cover up their errors.

Knowing your light switch (or outlet) cover size is a pain in the rear

However, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge when you have different switch sizes in your home or workspace. This is where a universal light switch cover becomes invaluable. A flexible size light switch cover is a versatile solution that adapts to regular, midway, and jumbo sizes, offering a seamless appearance regardless of the switch size.

Innovative products like the light switch cover add-on products with universal fit are available at solve this dilemma by creating a single, adaptable cover that fits all switch sizes. This eliminates the need to measure and match covers for various switches, saving time and effort during installation. Whether you have a regular, midway, or jumbo-sized switch, the universal light switch cover seamlessly accommodates them all. It provides a consistent and polished look throughout your space.

Adding Cool Organizers that utilize a universal light switch cover

Tthe convenience and aesthetics offered by a universal light switch cover is paramount. It simplifies the process of choosing and installing the right cover for your switches. With the universal light switch cover available at, you can enjoy a hassle-free solution that suits all switch sizes, ensuring a cohesive and professional finish for your interiors. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the right size, and embrace the simplicity and versatility of a universal light switch cover. Visit to explore this innovative product and elevate the look of your switches effortlessly.

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Lipstick Lunacy: 10 Absurd Reasons a Wall Mount Makeup Organizer Will Supercharge Your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick Game

Do you find yourself grappling with the never-ending quest for the perfect lipstick shade? Do your liquid lipsticks conspire to create a kaleidoscope of chaos in your makeup drawer? Fear not, makeup maestros, for salvation is here! Behold the Wall Mount Makeup Organizer designed exclusively for the divine Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipsticks.

This wonder-organizer is set to add a splash of sanity to your lipstick labyrinth. Let’s dive into the lipstick-laden lunacy and uncover the top 10 absurd, yet convincing, reasons why this lipstick organizer will be your lipstick savior.

  1. Lipstick Hide-and-Seek No More:
    Have you ever embarked on a lipstick expedition, only to have your precious Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick play an elusive game of hide-and-seek in the depths of your makeup bag? Bid adieu to lipstick hide-and-seek with this organizer. Your lipstick will now have a designated, visible, and easily accessible home.
  2. The “Lipstick Library” Phenomenon:
    Picture this: an organized library for your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipsticks. A place where each shade has its own shelf and finding the perfect hue is as simple as finding your favorite book on a well-arranged shelf. Welcome to the “Lipstick Library” phenomenon!
  3. Lipstick Olympics: The Search for the Fittest:
    You know the scene – the Olympic-worthy struggle to extract that one lipstick from the jumbled mess in your drawer. With this organizer, the days of lipstick acrobatics are over. Each lipstick will have its own slot, ready for the beauty games.
  4. The “Lipstick Déjà Vu” Resolution:
    Have you ever purchased a lipstick, only to find you already had the exact shade buried in the makeup abyss? Fear not! With this organizer, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick collection, avoiding accidental double purchases and lipstick déjà vu.
  5. The Grand Lipstick Parade:
    Imagine a parade of your vibrant Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipsticks marching in harmony on your wall. With this organizer, you can have a daily parade of colors, making choosing your lipstick for the day a festive affair. Bring on the confetti!
  6. The Lipstick Lineup:
    Do you ever feel like your lipsticks are plotting against you, conspiring to get lost or create a mess? This organizer transforms your lipstick chaos into a neat lineup, making it easier to pick the lipstick you want without triggering a lipstick uprising.
  7. Lipstick Elevation, Literally:
    Your lipstick collection deserves a throne, and this wall mount makeup organizer provides just that. Your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipsticks will be elevated to a position of grandeur, worthy of the lipstick royalty that they are.
  8. The “Lipstick Fashion Show” Extravaganza:
    Why not have a daily lipstick fashion show, where your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipsticks can strut their shades? Displaying them in this organizer gives you a front-row seat to the runway of stunning lip colors.
  9. The “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” Eradication:
    Gone are the days of playing the lipstick version of “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” just to choose a shade. This organizer ensures that choosing the perfect Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick becomes a deliberate, joy-filled decision rather than a game of chance.
  10. The “Lipstick Love Affair” Rekindled:
    Remember when you first fell in love with the Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick? This organizer reignites that spark, giving your beloved lipsticks the attention and display they deserve. Say hello to a rekindled lipstick love affair!

In conclusion, if you’re ready to bid farewell to lipstick mayhem and unleash the organized beauty of your Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Liquid Lipstick collection, head over to this link. Trust us, this lipstick organizer will change your life, one lipstick at a time! You can find the same Lipstick Display for Maybelline on Amazon.

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10 Funny Reasons a Wall Mount Key Holder Can Revolutionize Your Existence

KeyChain Holder for Wall for 2-Gang Light Switch Cover Showing Keys Hanging

Are you tired of playing hide and seek with your keys every morning? Ever been late because your keys decided to pull a vanishing act? Fear not, for we have the solution to all your key-related conundrums!

The Wall Mount Key Holder is a Game Changer

The almighty Key Holder for the wall is here to revolutionize your life, and trust us, it’s not just about holding keys. Let’s delve into the top 10 reasons why this invention is the key to unlocking a whole new level of organization and amusement.

  1. Unleash Your Inner Sleuth:
    Remember those moments of frantic searching when you’re late for work, and your keys decide to play a game of hide-and-seek? With this wall mount key holder, you’ll never have to embark on a Sherlock Holmes-style investigation to find your keys again. No more mysterious disappearances!
  2. The “Where Are My Keys?” Dance Routine:
    Picture this: a wall mount key holder that ends the infamous “Where Are My Keys?” dance routine. You know the one – the frantic shuffle around the house, the exaggerated patting of pockets, the dismayed head shaking. Say goodbye to the dance of desperation!
  3. The “Land of the Forgotten” Rescue Mission:
    Keys have a knack for finding their way to the most peculiar places. Couch cushions, inside plant pots, in the fridge (yes, it happens). The wall mount key holder ensures your keys never venture off into the mysterious “Land of the Forgotten” again.
  4. The Untold Perks of Wall Decor:
    Your walls deserve more than just a painting or a framed photo. They deserve a purpose! Why not adorn your walls with a key holder for the light switch cover that not only keeps your keys in check but also adds a touch of sophistication to your living space? It’s functional and fabulous!
  5. Keys Gone Wild No More:
    Ever had your keys rebel against their designated spot and go on an adventure of their own, ending up under the couch or behind a bookshelf? A wall mount key holder puts an end to this rebellion, keeping your keys in line and right where they should be.
  6. The “Quick Exit” Achiever:
    Have you ever been in a rush to leave, but your keys seem to be playing a game of hide and seek? With a wall mount key holder, you’ll be the proud owner of the “Quick Exit” achievement – grab your keys and go, no hunting required!
  7. Leash Liberation Station:
    It’s not just keys! This miraculous key holder wall bracket can also double as a leash holder. No more tangled mess of leashes—hang them neatly and relish the newfound order in your life. Even Fido will thank you!
  8. Ninja-Level Cord Management:
    Ever struggled with headphone cords that magically tangle themselves into impossible knots? The wall mount key holder can come to your rescue, keeping cords in check and preventing them from staging their own cord ballet.
  9. The “Houdini of Chaos” Award:
    This light switch cover mounted key holder is the true Houdini of Chaos, making disorganization vanish into thin air. It transforms the chaos of scattered keys and cords into a well-organized spectacle that will leave you in awe.
  10. A Symphony of Convenience:
    Imagine a symphony where keys, leashes, and cords play in perfect harmony, each finding their designated hook with ease. This wall mount key holder orchestrates this symphony of convenience, making your life melodiously organized.

In conclusion, let’s raise our imaginary glasses to the Wall Mount Key Holder—an invention that brings laughter, organization, and a touch of magic into our lives. If you’re ready to bid farewell to key-related chaos, dance routines, and Houdini acts, then head over to and let the magic begin. This wall mount key holder will change your life in ways you never thought possible! (BTW you can find this key holder for light switch cover on Amazon too).

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Makeup Organizer for Wall: The Perfect Solution for Your Covergirl Outlast Liquid Lipstick Collection

‎covergirl outlast lip gloss wall mounted makeup organizer main view

Do you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect lipstick shade in the morning? Are you tired of your lipsticks taking up precious counter space and causing clutter in your makeup area? If so, then a makeup organizer for the wall may be just what you need. Specifically, a lipstick organizer that is designed to hold your Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks is the perfect solution. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer and how it can help you streamline your morning makeup routine.

Holds up to 8 Lip Glosses:

One of the key features of the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer is its ability to hold up to 8 lip glosses. This means that you can have all of your favorite shades within easy reach and neatly displayed on your wall. No more rummaging through a drawer or a makeup bag to find the shade you want. With this organizer, you can see all of your colors at a glance and choose the perfect one for your outfit or mood.

Custom Made to Fit Covergirl Outlast Liquid Lipstick:

Another advantage of this wall mount organizer is that it is custom made to fit Covergirl Outlast liquid lipstick. This means that the slots are specifically designed to hold these lipsticks securely in place. You don’t have to worry about your lipsticks falling out or getting damaged. The custom fit ensures that your lipsticks are held in place and are easily accessible when you need them.

Easy to Insert and Remove:

The wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer is designed to be user-friendly. It is easy to insert your lipsticks into the slots and remove them when you want to use them. No more struggling to get your lipsticks out of a crowded drawer or a bulky makeup bag. With this organizer, you can simply slide your lipsticks in and out of the slots with ease.

Wall Mounted to Reduce Clutter:

One of the biggest advantages of a wall mount makeup organizer is that it helps reduce clutter in your makeup area. By mounting the organizer on the wall, you free up valuable counter space and keep your lipsticks off the surfaces where you do your makeup. This not only makes your makeup area look neater and more organized, but it also makes it easier for you to find what you need. No more digging through a pile of lipsticks to find the one you want. With a wall mount organizer, your lipsticks are neatly displayed and easily accessible.

Easy to Install:

Installing the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer is a breeze. It comes with two small nails that you can tap into the wall to secure the organizer in place. If you prefer not to use nails, you can also use double-sided tape to attach the organizer to the wall. This makes it a versatile option that can be easily installed in any space. Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious vanity, this organizer will fit seamlessly into your setup.

Helps Organize Your Makeup Area:

By having a dedicated space for your lipsticks, the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer helps you organize your entire makeup area. When your lipsticks are neatly displayed and easily accessible, it sets the tone for the rest of your makeup collection. You will find that organizing other areas of your makeup becomes easier when you have a designated spot for your lipsticks. It’s a small change that can have a big impact on the overall organization of your makeup area.

Viewing Windows for Easy Color Selection:

The wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer features viewing windows that allow you to see all of your colors at a glance. This makes it easy to choose the perfect shade without having to take each lipstick out of its slot. The viewing windows give you a clear view of all your lipsticks, making it quick and convenient to find the shade you want. No more wasting time searching for the perfect lipstick. With this organizer, you can find what you need in seconds.

Lightweight and Tough:

The wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipstick organizer is made from lightweight yet durable materials. It is designed to withstand everyday use and is built to last. You don’t have to worry about the organizer breaking or losing its shape over time. It is tough enough to hold your lipsticks securely and lightweight enough to be easily installed on your wall. It strikes the perfect balance between durability and convenience.

Available in Various Colors:

While the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipstick organizer is designed specifically for Covergirl lipsticks, it is available in a range of colors to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek black organizer or a vibrant pink one, there is an option for everyone. The color options allow you to customize your organizer to match your decor or personal preferences. Inquire via the Contact page about colors.

Speeds Up Your Morning Makeup Routine:

By having all of your lipsticks organized and easily accessible, the wall mount Covergirl Outlast liquid lipsticks organizer speeds up your daily makeup routine.

Where to buy the lipstick organizer for the wall or mirror for Covergirl outlast

You can find the lipstick organizer for Covergirl on BearMar. You can also find the wall mounted or mirror mounted lipstick organizer for Covergirl Outlast on Amazon as well.

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Stuck Gamma Seal Lid Problem : Hard to Turn

Gamma Seal Lids are nifty, but but a stuck gamma lid is common and frustrating. One common issue is the strength needed to twist them open and closed with no handles.

One reason gamma seal lids get stuck easily is the same reason they are a great lid. They have soft flexible material for the seals on the threaded lid that help get a tight airtight seal. It is airtight because the flexible material gets pressed between the threaded lid and the lid ring. The flexible pressing allows the soft seal to fit tightly and even make up for any gaps and imperfections in the hard material. Because of this great fit, eventually the lid will almost bond to the lid ring. That is the primary reason they get stuck.

The other reason they can get stuck is you might be putting materials in the bucket that are sticky.

Some folks find it a bit of an arm workout, especially if the lid is tightly sealed or if they have limited strength or dexterity. This problem is amplified as the Gamma Seal Lids do not have any ready grips made for a human hand.

Now, this is where the Gamma Seal Lid Handle swoops in like a superhero. Imagine it as your trusty sidekick, making lid handling a breeze. It’s like adding power steering to your lid game. The handle provides a grip that’s easy on the hands, making turning the lid effortless, even if you’re not the Hulk.

Ever had that frustrating moment when you accidentally cross-threaded the lid, causing a wonky seal? Yeah, not fun. The Gamma Seal Lid Handle is like a loyal companion, ensuring you thread it right every time. It helps in aligning and seating the lid properly, preventing those annoying misalignments.

Some stuck gamma seal lid are VERY HARD to turn, for those very stubborn lids use the Gamma Seal Lid Wrench.

So, in a world where Gamma Seal Lids have a few quirks, the Gamma Seal Lid Handle steps up, making lid handling a joyride rather than a rollercoaster. It’s all about giving you the power to handle your storage game like a pro.