Screwless Enclosure Case for the NXP FRDM-K64 Development Board


FRDM-K64 Enclosure for your development board from NXP. 

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Now you can have a FRDM-K64 Enclosure and protect your development board from inadvertent short circuits or other mishaps. You can also mount this FRDM-K64 Enclosure using the mounting screws. Email to discuss modifications.

This FRDM-K64 Case comes in two pieces. A top piece with cutouts for access to the FRDM-K64 development board. Without OPENING the case, you can:

  1. press reset buttons,
  2. see the LED lights,
  3. Access the expansion ports,
  4. access the USB ports,
  5. access the Ethernet port and
  6. Adjust the jumpers.

This FRDM-K64 Enclosure is assembled with the following steps:

  1. Snap in the FRDM-K64 board.
  2. Slide in the slide until the keeper snaps. This does not use a compliant mechanism, but the case will flex slightly until the keeper finds the keeper tab slot.

There are mounting holes in the slide mechanism on the FRDM-K64 Enclosure. You can mount the slide FIRST on a wall, board, cabinet, perhaps even a 1U enclosure as the spacing is the 1U enclosure spacing. There are multiple mounting options enabled by the unique slide on design.

Current Features, attributes, and instructions:

  • Gray PLA
  • Screwless design – Snap together
  • Pushbutton access without opening the design
  • LED viewing holes so board can be monitored without opening
  • Add on board connectors accessible
  • Special orientation to protect against layer lines
  • Volume quoting possible
  • Mounting plate is also the bottom cover of the case making a very strong mounting arrangement

Happy to customize. Customization options:

  • Material : Currently PLA – (others: ABS, ASA, PETG, potentially carbon fiber)
  • Colors: PLA – Puke Green, Blue, Red, White, many others. For other materials, ask…
  • Embossed Logo and PN
  • Color Logo
  • Mounting options: The design is modular and the mounting slide can be modified in many way. If desired, a multi-board mount could be created so you rack mount a bunch of boards.
  • Case Cover: We could add less board access, light pipes, hide the connectors, embed in a bigger design, etc.
  • Design Files: Happy to make these available for sale. I had to make a simple 3D model of the board. Not fancy. But very useful.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 2 in


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