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Customer Review for Wall Mount Key Hanger for Light Switch Covers

This review shows my commitment to making sure you get a good product! Love it. I’ve worked very hard to make the Key Hook product a great product.

We recently order the Light Switch Cover Key Holder and the results are fantastic. We live in a small space with limited storage and this immediately helped clear some clutter off our countertop. The first attempt did not fit quite right and the seller immediately reached out to help solve the issue. After sharing some measurements, he custom built a new key holder that fits perfectly. So happy with this purchase.

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Key Rack for Light Switch Cover Review

I was happy to receive a nice review from an experienced Amazon review… The review is on this product, the key holder for wall mount via a light switch cover.

These wall mount key holders are easy to install and look elegant. They’re sturdy and well made, and are a practical space saving alternative. No mess, no fuss, I’m happy with these and would recommend.

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