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Morning routine and recipe – Almond Milk Mocha Espresso – Handheld Milk Frother

You’re probably wondering how a handheld milk frother relates to a recipe for an Almond Milk Mocha Espresso but it does.

Having a routine is crucial in our everyday lives, providing us with a sense of structure and stability. This is particularly true in the morning, where establishing a consistent routine can set the tone for the entire day. From brewing a perfect cup of coffee to preparing a delightful morning beverage like a mocha or cappuccino, these rituals not only offer a comforting start to the day but also bring a touch of familiarity and joy to our mornings.

So to recap – it is all about the experience and the routine. The equipment is important too.

Ingredient List for the perfect Almond Milk Mocha Espresso Drink

Equipment List

Consumable Ingredients for an Almond Milk Mocha

  • Summer Moon Velvet Blaze Coffee – we think the medium roasts are best for espresso. Dark is ok, but the french & italian go too far. Velvet Blaze seems to be a very good bean/roast that is great in drip and great as espresso.
  • Kirkland Almond Milk – We like this as it doesn’t have lots of added junk to it.
  • Heavy Cream. No link provided – you can buy at any grocery store. You probably can Almond milk too, but we’ve struggled to find almond milk without junk in it. This helps the almond milk froth and taste a little more rich.
  • Hershey’s Simply Five Chocolate Syrup – This is not a health food, but I am telling you about my Mocha.

Recipe for the perfect Almond Milk Mocha Espresso… using a Handheld Frother

  1. Grind enough beans for fills of the espresso basket.
  2. Get two BIG – 15 ounce coffee cups ready – one for wifey and one for my mocha
  3. Put 3 tablespoons of Hershey’s into the electric warmer-frother cup
  4. fill one more tablespoon of Hershey’s and eat it straight. Put spoon into dishwasher.
  5. Put 2 tablespoons of heavy cream into the electric warmer-frother cup *AND* the Breville stainless steel cup.
  6. Fill the electric warmer-frother just shy of the full mark with almond milk.
  7. Fill the Breville stainless about 5/8 full with the almond milk.
  8. Start the electric warmer frother going w the chocolate mix. It is slow.
  9. Fill your espresso basket clear full and tamp. No, I am not precise like Jim Hoffman.
  10. Start the Breville and fill the glasses all the way – I know – imprecise.
  11. Pour into coffee cup #1
  12. Repeat 9-10 and put in coffee cup #2
  13. Repeat 9-10 and split between coffee cup #1 and #2.
  14. I rinse the espresso tools at this point so they are clean and the area stays nice.
  15. Froth the Breville stainless steel almond milk and heavy create to 140 F or so. Use a video on youtube for learning about frothing.
  16. If the Capresso stops, restart it so it gets hot enough – the Capresso needs more time to get hot than the auto-shutoff.
  17. When done with the stainless frothing… pour into coffee cup #2 and bring to your dear dear better half.
  18. Remove the Capresso cup… it won’t be frothy enough. Now use the handheld frother and be amazed as it will add about another 25% to the volume – the flavor completely changes when it is frothed!
  19. Pour this Capresso cup textured chocolate mixture into coffee cup #1.
  20. Now go visit over coffee with your sweetie.
  21. The COOL THING IS THIS – it all came out at about the same time – like a pro chef.