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Couldn’t the bad guys just cut the 2×4?

This question came in from the securebarholder mail bag.

The reader wrote “couldn’t the thieves just cut the 2 x 4, and they’re in?”.

Absolutely they could. Security is a funny thing. It is best thought of in terms of margin costs and marginal benefits.

So, before I invented my bar holder kit for my own shed, all a bad person would have to do is to bring a crow-bar.

So for the cost of a crow-bar and maybe 10 seconds, they could get into my shed.

After my bar holder kit, they have to up their game and bring a saw. I use a hard cedar 2×4 so unless they bring an electric it is going to be hard going.

I’ve had some people say “use a steel 2×4”.

But my shed is made of wood. Bad guys can can bring a saws-all and go through my wall or door anyway. So no point in protecting the shed with a kit that goes beyond the shed’s capability anyway.

I would say the MAIN uses of the 2×4 secure bar holder kit – or the plan 2×4 bar holders are:

  • Secure a shed from CASUAL thieves.
  • Protect children from getting into chemicals or other dangerous things
  • At least demonstrate to the neighbors that they should at least ask before grabbing tools
  • BETTER way to close the shed than many 2 door shed latch systems – and simpler too.

  • Forgetting about the locking tabs, people use the open, closed, end caps, etc for:
  • Bar Holder inside their houses for front door or bedroom. Many people call these door security bar brackets
  • Trailer keepers – you use these to put 2×4 in to make your flatbed trailer have sides
  • Removable stair hand rail holders
  • I had one guy tell me his use was “secret”. 

Anyway, hope this helps. Great question!

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