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Customer Install: Use the 2×4 End Caps as a French Door Door Barricade

2x4 End Caps White Showing 2x4 Painted Bar Side

One pesky (but very nice) customer INSISTED I prime coated my RAW or Galvanized 2×4 End Caps. But that was only after this customer had me drill a hole in a “Left” End Cap and a “Right” End Cap.

This customer wanted to put a pin in the left and right end caps and the pin would go through the 2×4 bar.


Because if someone broke the glass in the French Door, the idea would be to make it one step harder to lift the bar.

I can just hear the idiots now “But gee they will still get in.”

True. But those 15 extra seconds will be handy in sighting them in.

It isn’t always about perfectly securing things – it is balancing the aesthetics of your house while having ENOUGH security. In this case, enough is defined as buying some time.

I can’t and won’t divulge anything about the customer, but I can tell you that those french doors are no easy mark. Break that glass and you have lead in your bum (I wanted to make this rhyme, but I’m too proper).

Here are the pics from this wonderful little install. I love how the customer painted the bar.

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