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Internal Construction View of Elementi Handheld Battery Powered Milk Frother

Our Elementi Milk Frother gave up the ghost. So I thought I would take it apart and show you the internal construction.

Here are some key “noticings” (my new word) about the Elementi:

  • Frother whisk is connected direct drive to the motor
  • The top mounted button simply depresses some spring steel to make the electrical contact
  • Only two screws hold it together
  • It is an amazingly simple design, which is good – Occam’s razor, right?
  • Not shown here is the table top stand which always has this handy unit in the way taking up counterspace.
  • Consider instead, the amazing handheld frother mounting holder for cabinets from this site.
elementi milk frother that fits on the really cool milk frother stand only replacement.
Internal Assembly Photo of the Elementi Battery Operated Hand Held Milk Frother
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