Light Switch Cover Products

Light Switch Covers are a convenient area to attach handy add-on products. You can attach items such as keychain holders, key holders, flashlight holders, leash hooks and many more items.

How do these Light Switch Cover thingies work?

If you remove the cover plate, you can install BEHIND the cover a small plate that then allows things to be attached NEXT to the wall plate without any screws.

How do you install the Light Switch Plate attachments?

First you remove the screws to the existing cover and don’t lose them. Then you put up your add-on (like a key hook rack). Finally you replace your light switch cover.

The ONLY thing different is that the outlet cover is about 2mm farther from the wall now. You can barely tell.

Light Switch Plate Products

Key Holder for Wall – Allows you to have small hooks perfect for keychains. I even put a flashlight on mine.

Dog Leash Holder for Wall – Now you have a wonderful place to hang your leash. Right by the door on the light switch. Brilliant!

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Showing all 4 results