Key Holder for Wall Hook Rack that slips UNDER a Light Switch Cover Plate


This amazing key hook rack installs underneath your light switch cover plate.  Now you always have your keys exactly where you need them – by the door. No new holes. No new drilling. No difficult installation!

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This tough key holder for wall mount puts the key chain hooks exactly where you need them – right by the door! No more looking for the leash, keys, phone, or charger in the messy organizer basket before you leave your house.

Light Switch Covers are the new Kitchen Organizer Frontier

In 99.99% of all dwellings in the USA, a light switch is at the entry door. Mounted on the wall at the entry would be a perfect place to keep a leash hanger or your keys on a key hanger or key holder.

What if you could have a set of handy hooks near the door to assist with all your kitchen organization needs.

Better yet, what if you could wall mount the key holder underneath the light switch cover plate, you save space and don’t have to drill any new holes, use any nails or hurt your walls.

This Hook Rack utilizes the normally wasted space of the Light Switch Cover

As a result, I invented this great light switch cover idea that integrates in a keychain hook rack that doesn’t even have to replace your light switch cover wall plate. Instead it works WITH your light switch cover.

Working WITH your light switch cover is what this amazing wall hanging key holder does. It mounts underneath the light switch cover easily. The hanger hooks optimizes part of the kitchen counter storage by using un-utilized space. it holds big keychains – not a teeny tiny hook like most keychain hooks.

Installation instructions for the Keychain Hook Rack:

  • First, remove the light switch cover wall plate.
  • Next, place the wall mount bracket over the light switches.
  • Finally, replace the light switch cover wall plate – the hardest part is aligning the screws.
  • CAUTION note, don’t tighten the light switch cover screws too tight. Tighten just enough so that the light switch cover plate doesn’t wiggle.

Features of the Keychain Rack for UNDER Light Switch Cover Installations:

  • This “key holder for wall mounting underneath light switch cover plate” design universally fits most wall plates.  The different size of wall plates: regular, medium, jumbo. no need to worry about measuring!
  • The hooks are very strong – these keychain hooks can easily hold 2-3 pounds
    • Your light switch cover cannot hold too much weight.
    • As a result, I recommend 2 pounds as a maximum across all of the hooks.
  • Above all I offer a “make it fit” guarantee. if you have the number of switches correct, but for some reason it won’t fit, i’ll help you fix it.
  • I can’t fix a problem where the switch is mounted incorrectly. properly mounted switches are flush to the wall.

Uses for the UNDERNEATH the light switch cover Hook Rack:

  • wall key holder bracket
  • leash holder / leash hook for wall mount
  • flashlight holster style mount or flashlight holder for wall
  • universally useful unique key holder hook rack
  • cord wrapper, or cord winder or cord organizer for wall

Where can you buy the keychain holder for wall mounts?

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