Milk Frother Stand Only Mounting Bracket for Rechargeable Handheld Milk Frothers with Attachments


This attractive plastic milk frother stand only replacement for rechargeable frothers with attachments is wall mounted. Wall mounting moves the rechargable handheld milk frother to the kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, or other nearby spot. Wall mounting FREES UP VALUABLE counter space! Helps keep your espresso bar neat and uncluttered.

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This is one of the best milk frother stand only replacements. Why? Because it frees up kitchen counter space by moving the milk frother to be mounted on your wall, backsplash or cabinet!

Elegant design and splash of color will give your espresso bar a real decorative pop.

Finally, this improved frother stand allows you to hang up to 2 attachments along with the frother on the wall.

Note: if you don’t have attachments, you can find the no-attachments milk frother holder here.

The problem with handheld milk frother stands

  • A Milk Frother Stand made from wire tip over very easily, potentially damaging your rechargeable milk frother.
  • A Milk Frother Stand made from wire are design to be countertop milk frother holders which means they are always in your way and consume valuable counter-space, particularly in an apartment.
  • A Milk Frother Stand made from wire do not have any way to store the rechargeable milk frother attachments.
  • A Milk Frother stand made from wire are boring.

Solving the problem of organizing the milk frother attachments

In the realm of coffee enthusiasts and homebrew aficionados, the convenience and efficiency of a good coffee frother are paramount. However, one common frustration has been the lack of a dedicated storage solution for frother attachments.

Many existing coffee frothers in the market currently lack a designated space to neatly store these essential components. In recognizing this gap in convenience, I set out to create a solution that streamlines the coffee frothing experience.

Introducing the innovative coffee frother stand replacement from BearMar. This clever coffee frother stand only replacement is crafted to house not only the frother itself but also two attachments.

Everything you need for the perfect froth is on the stand and easily accessible. Never hunting for accessories enhances the joy of your morning espresso routine.

Solving the problem of milk frother wire stands tipping over

The best way to solve the problem of tipping over is to make a coffee frother stand that doesn’t tip over. BearMar solved this tipping over problem by make the BearMar Frother Holder mountable with a screw or double sided tape. Now you can mount on a cabinet, backsplash or to the side of your espresso machine.

Benefits of the coffee frother stand only replacement that holds attachments

  • Organized Space Saving – One significant benefit of a wall-mounted coffee frother stand with storage for attachments is the efficient use of space. The stands designated place to store attachments keeps your frother accessories neatly organized and easily findable. This is a unique coffee bar organizer.
  • This special attachment storage eliminates clutter on countertops or in drawers, providing a clean and visually appealing coffee preparation area. With everything in its place, you can maintain a tidy and efficient coffee station.
  • Quick and Convenient Access: Storing frother attachments on a wall-mounted stand ensures quick and convenient access whenever you need them. You won’t have to rummage through drawers or cabinets to find the right attachment.
  • Extended Attachment Lifespan: Proper storage on a wall-mounted coffee frother stand can also extend the lifespan of your attachments. When attachments are left loose or placed in crowded spaces, they can become damaged, bent, or even lost.
  • The stand’s design allows for immediate selection and usage of the desired attachment. This saves you time and effort during your morning coffee routine. This convenience encourages you to use your coffee frother more frequently, enhancing your overall coffee enjoyment. The alternative is piling a bunch of crap in your kitchen drawer – FRUSTRATING!!!!
  • With a designated storage space on the frother stand, your attachments are protected from potential damage and wear. This ensures they remain in good condition for a longer period. Therefore, this longevity translates to cost savings by reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. Ultimately this will enhance the value and durability of your coffee frothing accessories.

Frother Stand Only Compatible Frother or Power whisk List (Important for good fit):


Contents of what you get with the coffee frother stand replacement:

  • Rear wall mount for coffee frother – what holds the coffee frother and its attachments. The is what replaces the current milk frother stand.
  • Front decorative accent piece with seasonal and coffee themes that covers the coffee frother wall mount bracket. This decorative faceplate slides on the rear mounting piece. The faceplate is a beautiful best coffee bar organizer.
  • 2 sided tape for tape mounting method. I error on the side of a little less sticky so you might want stronger tape.
  • #8 x 3/4 inch screw for screw mounting method

Why would you buy one of the best Milk Frother Stands that hold attachments?

  • Frother stand only replacement mounting bracket is a great kitchen and coffee bar organizer
  • Spots for the frother attachments get your attachments near the frother and out of the drawer.
  • Looks nice – with elegant and understated design with a splash of color for a coffee bar organizer
  • Tough and resilient wall bracket for your handheld foam latte maker
  • Simple to install – 30 seconds using double sided tape
  • Simple to use

Possible Locations for locating your coffee frother:

  • Side of cabinet at the espresso bar – cabinet mounted frother using double sided tape *OR* screw
  • Kitchen backsplash – backsplash mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Coffee Bar back wall – unique coffee bar organizer
  • Side of espresso maker – espresso machine mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Side of coffee maker – coffee maker mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Next to kitchen sink – keep your frother nearby on this frother mount
  • Side of the refrigerator – refrigerator mounted frother using double sided tape

Other places to buy this milk frother stand replacement:

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