Milk Frother Stand Only Replacement Mount for Zulay, Powerlix Milkpro, Elementi, Bonsen Handheld Milk Frothers


This attractive and strong plastic frother stand only wall mount allows you to mount your handheld milk frother on your kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, or other nearby spot and FREE UP VALUABLE counter space! Helps keep your coffee bar neat and uncluttered.

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The Bearmar holder is one of the best milk frother stand only replacements, because it frees up counterspace by moving the milk frother to be mounted on your wall, backsplash or cabinet! With the elegant design and splash of color, this milk frother holder will give your espresso bar a real pop.

The coffee frother wire stand on the counter can be a nuisance for several reasons. First, it takes up valuable counter space, making it difficult to keep the kitchen organized and clutter-free. Additionally, the wire stand milk frother holder can be unstable and prone to tipping over, posing a risk of spilling hot milk or causing other accidents.

Furthermore, the wire stand may not be visually appealing, detracting from the overall aesthetics of the coffee bar. By using the BearMar milk frother stand replacement that can be mounted on the wall, backsplash, or cabinet, you can free up counter space, improve organization, and give your espresso bar a sleek and elegant look.

Compatible Coffee Frother or Power whisk List (Important for good fit):

Contents of what you get in the box:

  • Rear wall mount for coffee frother stand – what holds the coffee frother and replaces the current milk frother stand
  • Front decorative piece that covers the coffee frother wall mount piece – just slides on the rear mounting piece – it looks really cool and makes this the best coffee frother stand.
  • 2 sided tape for tape mounting method – Note – I error on the side of a little less sticky so you might want stronger tape.
  • #8 x 3/4 inch screw for screw mounting method

Why would you buy one of the best Milk Frother Stand replacements?

  • Frother stand only replacment mount helps keep your kitchen and coffee bar organized
  • Looks nice – with elegant and understated design with a splash of color
  • Textured fingerprint resistant decorative front piece
  • Tough and resilient wall bracket for your handheld foam latte maker
  • Simple to install – 30 seconds using double sided tape
  • Simple to use

Possible Locations for locating your milk frother holder:

  • Side of cabinet – cabinet mounted frother using double sided tape *OR* screw
  • Kitchen backsplash – backsplash mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Side of espresso maker – espresso machine mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Side of coffee maker – coffee maker mounted frother using double sided tape
  • Next to kitchen sink – keep your latte frother nearby on this frother mount
  • Side of the refrigerator – refrigerator mounted cappuccino frother using double sided tape

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How the Milk Frother Works: Frothing Milk with Different Types of Milk

Frothing Based on Lipid Fats in Milk:

  1. The milk frother works by incorporating air into the milk, creating tiny bubbles that give it a creamy and frothy texture.
  2. When frothing whole milk, which has a higher fat content, the milk frother can easily create a rich and luxurious foam due to the higher concentration of lipid fats.
  3. The fat molecules in the milk act as stabilizers, trapping air bubbles and preventing them from escaping, resulting in a velvety froth.

Frothing 2% Milk, Half and Half, and Cream:

  1. While whole milk provides the best results, lower-fat milk options like 2% milk can still be frothed using a handheld frother.
  2. With 2% milk, the froth may not be as thick or creamy, but the frother will still incorporate air into the milk and create a lighter foam.
  3. Half and half, which contains a higher fat content than 2% milk, will produce a creamier froth, similar to whole milk but with a slightly lighter texture.
  4. Cream, on the other hand, with its higher fat content, will froth easily and create a dense and rich foam, perfect for lattes or cappuccinos.

In summary, a milk frother works by aerating the milk, creating bubbles that give it a frothy texture. Whole milk, with its higher fat content, produces the creamiest and richest froth. However, even lower-fat options like 2% milk, half and half, and cream can be frothed to varying degrees, depending on their fat content.

So, whether you prefer a lighter foam or a decadent froth, a handheld milk frother can transform your milk into a perfect topping for your favorite hot beverages.

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