Pumpkin Spice Halloween Thanksgiving Theme Milk Frother Stand Only Replacement


Upgrade your milk frother experience with this festive Pumpkin Spice Halloween Thanksgiving themed stand replacement.


This Fall themed Pumpkin Spice coffee frother stand replacement is very strong, very tough and attractive. This really cool milk frother holder will put some real POP in your kitchen decor.

The attractive Halloween Pumpkin coffee bar decor motif – Orange pumpkin, with brown stem, and black outline and text is a great way to stow your frother for your coffee. I thought this would be a great Milk Frother Stand Replacement for the boring wire stands that are always in your way.

Use this milk frother stand replacement to get your handheld milk frother off of the metal stand junking up your counter and free up some counter space in your kitchen! Plus this adds a little panache to your espresso bar! The colors are raised/embossed and have a 3D look that simply POPS. While the design is created on a special printer, each time it prints it prints just a little bit differently so every single one you receive is unique in some very tiny way.

I’ve often thought that those handheld milk whisks look great, but take up too much counter space in your kitchen if you use the standard chrome wire milk frother stand they send out. Plus those little ugly wire stands tip over so darned easy. That is so CLUTTERY! No originality.

MY SOLUTION —> I’ve created this wall mounted coffee frother stand replacement so you can hang or mount your handheld frother off of your counter top and someplace neat and tidy out of your way. Because this is a space savings milk frother holder it is an apartment essential.

  • Uses:
  • Increase kitchen counter space – kitchen organization – space saving!
  • Keep your coffee bar organized – coffee bar decor and organizer
  • Make easy convenient access for your coffee frother
  • Plus this is an attractive kitchen accent piece that is VERY unique. – a neat coffee bar idea
  • I have personally tested and this will fit the following milk frothers:
  • Zulay Handheld Milk Frother or Whisk
  • Powerlix Milkpro Handheld Frother or Whisk
  • Elementi Handheld Frother or Whisk
  • Others can be tested upon request OR you can measure yours and send me the measurements.
  • Comes with:
  • Front Decorative Fall themed Pumpkin Spice Orange Pumpkin Decor Piece that covers the screw in Wall Mount
  • Handheld Milk Frother or Whisk Wall Mount – This actually holds your coffee frother and is the MAIN idea for a milk frother holder.
  • Mounting screw
  • Mounting tape – I error on the side of weaker double-sticky so you don’t yell at me when it is TOO sticky. If you want stronger tape, I’d ask that you get your own.

This is perfect for the following occasions:
* Halloween
* Fall or Autumn
* Thanksgiving
* Octoberfest
* Harvest season

KEY DIMENSION: The bottom hole that determines if your frother will slip out is 26.8 mm or 1.05 inches. The TOP of the hole is 1.34 inches (34 mm). So just measure your frother and as long as it has a section THICKER than 1.05 inches and NOT THICKER than 1.34 inches it should fit.

Convenient Mounting Locations:
*Kitchen cabinet nearby coffee maker or espresso machine
*Hang on the Side of refrigerator using sticky tape
*On the kitchen backsplash near your breakfast nook
*On the side of your espresso machine
*Next to the sink where you froth your milk or coffee.


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