Gamma Seal Lid Wrench for Tightening Loosening sticky tough bucket seal

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The Gamma Seal Lid Wrench gives you leverage in turning sticky Gamma lids. It grabs the ribs in a gamma lid bucket wrench and the handle gives you leverage.


The gamma seal lid wrench is an essential tool for effortlessly turning stubborn or sticky lids. Without this handy wrench, you run the risk of encountering lids that become hard to open or close. With its precision design and durable construction, the gamma seal wrench ensures that you never struggle with tight lids again.

Gamma Bucket Wrench : Solving the stuck/sticky Gamma Seal Lid Problem

Before the advent of the gamma lid wrench, there was a noticeable absence of a tool specifically designed to address the persistent issue of sticky and stuck lids. People would often struggle with opening and closing lids, experiencing frustrating moments and sometimes even resulting in spills or damage. However, with the introduction of the gamma seal wrench, this problem is now effectively resolved, providing a reliable and effortless solution for turning stubborn lids with its precision design and durable construction.

What Gamma and Vittles Vaults will this fit

  • Gamma Seal Lids
  • Gamma2 Seal Lids
  • Vittles Vaults ( 60lb, 50lb, 40lb, 35lb, 25lb, 15lb)

How the Gamma Wrench Works

Here are the steps on how the gamma seal lid wrench works:

  1. Custom fit: The gamma tool easily and securely fits on the neat ribs of the gamma seal lid.
  2. Leverage: With its long handle, the wrench provides ample leverage, making it easier to turn and open stubborn lids.
  3. Squeeze and turn: By squeezing the bucket with your feet and using the handle, you can effortlessly stick or unstick the lid, ensuring smooth and hassle-free lid operation.

You might also call this:

  • Gamma Seal Lid Tool
  • Gamma Bucket Lid Wrench
  • Airtight Bucket Lid Wrench
  • 5 gallon bucket accessory
  • plastic bucket accessory

As an added feature, if you need more lids, you can just scan the QR code I put on the handle so that you don’t have to bookmark anything. Scan right at “the point of need” when you are thinking of it!

Now that is HANDY!

If you don’t want to buy it from my web site here you can buy from Amazon or eBay. Amazon offers the best shipping rates which I can’t compete with so I might recommend Amazon. eBay has GOOD rates, and I have to collect at least $10 per item for this product.

You can buy Gamma Lids here:

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 3 in


3 reviews for Gamma Seal Lid Wrench for Tightening Loosening sticky tough bucket seal

  1. Laura Scheib (verified owner)

    We knew there had to be an easier way to not only tighten the kids down, but to open them safely, easily, and quietly if and when the time comes. We often use Amazon for many things, and while we could have gone there for this tool, we appreciated the fact that the owner says straight up that he can’t compete with Amazons shipping rates. We spent the extra money to buy from his own website and support an entrepreneur who is out to help others not profit from them.
    That being said, the quality is top notch, and these tools are built to last. (We purchased the Gamma wrench opener and the little lid handle tool to close without applying too much force) We chose the maroon so hopefully it triggers our memory when we see it and wonder what the heck it is! Great service, awesome quality and fast shipping. Thank you for being helpful – from the creation to the delivery!

  2. Michael Day

    Excellent tool , Thank You for having the tool to take off lids on jars. 😇

  3. Michael Day

    Great tool for kids on jars

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