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You have to have special latches for one of the sheds doors

One of the reasons I came up with the secure 2×4 bar holder or the secure bar holder idea was because I received an 8×12 shed for FREE. All I had to do was move it.

When I got it placed on my property, I noticed that the doors didn’t close all that well. In fact, they were never constructed very well – sag was something that would set in on my doors. It is worth mentioning that the doors were on the 8 foot side and there were two doors that opened in the middle.

I knew I wanted to fix my doors, but I kept running the following thought around in my mind: “There HAS to be a way to fasten these with a single type of latch.”

I detested the idea of having to make it so that one door is always shut fairly solid by having special latches on the inside of the door. Even worse, the special latches had to be at the very top of the door or the very bottom of the door. At the top, Sheri had trouble reaching the latch. At the bottom, it kept getting bumped and interfered with because it was sort of easily bumpable.

I must have tried 6-7 different latches from Lowes. None of them worked. I even kept 1 or 2 of my failed experiments because Lowes was starting to eyeball me when I brought stuff back.

That is how I decided that the only possible solution for me was the idea of a bar. If you don’t know what a bar is, I wrote about what a 2×4 bar is here. Briefly, it is a long “something” – in this case a 2×4 that goes across two swinging doors to create a simple method to keep the doors shut.

I was pretty darned happy with my 2×4 bar, with one exception.

I decided I wanted to put a padlock on my bar to make it just one step harder to get into my shed.

That was when my odyssey began.

But until then, you can see the pictures on this page that show where you need to put those silly latches that are necessary with most 2 door sheds.

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