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Understanding how to think of the secure bar holder kit

secure bar holder 2x4 great review and proper perspective

This reviewer on Amazon really gets it. To really “get” the secure bar holder you have to understand what you had to install and buy before the bar holders.

First you had to buy and install some latch concept for ONE of the doors. You would use these latches to keep one door completely shut, as if it was a wall and not a door. So you have to account for the cost of that latch system.

Installing the first latch for the door isn’t easy. Usually you have to install one at the top of the door and one at the bottom. Then you have to figure out how to open/release these at the same time. There is just no good way to make this smooth, cheap, or simple.

Assuming you do figure out how to get the first door latch working well, now you have to install a latch on the outside of the shed too so you can lock the shed. Most of these latches aren’t very good or very sturdy.

The secure bar holder is a far simpler, approximately the same cost, method for fastening a double door closed. It doesn’t look too bad and it forces the bad guys to at least consider cutting through a 2×4. And you can get very tough 2×4’s like hard cedar.

Love the review.

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