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Using Cubicle TV Mounts as Outdoor Patio Bar Brackets

One Texas customer wrote me and asked “Could you drill a hole into the cubicle wall TV/Monitor mounts“.

I said sure. Of course I asked him “what are you doing?” And he told me he was making his own patio bar and my brackets were perfect except they lacked a hole he needed.

Here are his results which were amazing:

2 thoughts on “Using Cubicle TV Mounts as Outdoor Patio Bar Brackets

  1. I’m interested in the red handle/opener for the Gamma containers that a person on Amazon recommended and Amazon is out of stock – they’re not shown on this site – I live in NW Travis County – can you tell me how to get one? I ordered a Gamma container specifically because of the review stating your handle would make it usable – Thank you!

    1. Amazon is showing two in stock. I have two that can ship right away and I can make more in about 2 days. You can order on my site, even if backordered and the time delay won’t be more than a day or two. Thx for asking!

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