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Using the 2×4 Open Bar Holders for Hurricane Window Protection

2x4 bar holder showing use as hurricane protection
2x4 bar holder showing use as hurricane protection
2×4 bar holder showing use as hurricane protection

One of the really neat thing that the 2×4 Open Bar Holders can be used for is to secure your windows and doors against hurricanes and tropical storms constant unrelenting winds.

It turns out that the vibration from the sustained winds can vibrate holder boards out of almost any situation.

But the unique holes in the compact 2×4 Open Bar Holders that make these really compact are the same holes that can be used to put in some “tack” screws that keep the 2×4 security bars from vibrating loose.

So now you can close your hurricane shutters and secure using the 2×4 Open Bar Holders, a 2×4 bar, and the extra keeper screws and your shutters won’t be opened by the sustained vibration of the winds.

Or if you don’t have shutters, you can put up plywood, then secure using a bar too. In fact you could do this to secure your vacation home when you are away for a long period of time.

NEAT FEATURE: will even color match the bar holders to your house. Just add the color match add-on to your order in the cart. We’ll contact you and you can send in a paint chip and we’ll color match to varying levels of closeness. WAY BETTER than painting them!


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