2×4 Holder Bracket End Cap for Door Barricade, Shed, Barn, Gate – Placed inside of jamb


This 2×4 holder bracket end cap allows the 2×4 bar to fit INSIDE a Door Jamb. This is rather than sitting outside the jamb at 90 degrees. Sometimes you have to use this alternative mounting method.

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This 2×4 holder bracket end cap is SIMILAR like the THIN FLIMSY 2×4 joist hangers. What is different i that this is THICK AS HECK and TOUGH as HELL. It isn’t really made for joints, but instead is for mounting 2×4 security bars for door barricades on the INSIDE of the jamb.

My brother uses these 2×4 holder bracket end cap to make stair railings out of nice 2×4… that are also removable.

this 2×4 holder bracket end cap is a compact design

This 2×4 Bar holder is different from what you might find in Lowes and Home Depot because you can install this bar holder on a SINGLE width of a 2×4! Most of the 2×4 bar holders I have seen require a width of at least a 2×6 or 2×8 to install correctly.

The compact installation width of this 2×4 bar holder helps to keep your gates and barns looking neat as a pin.

This can be used when you don’t have enough room to install my other very compact bar holders on the same wall as your 2×4 bar.

For example, many times, doors are put way too close the next wall. This leaves no room for a place to mount a regular 2×4 bar holder. This solves that problem!

Uses for the 2×4 holder bracket end cap:

  • Removable Fence: You could make sections of a fence reconfigurable/removable by using these 2×4 security holders. By putting screws in the bigger holes your horses/cattle would not be able to push the 2×4 out!
  • Panic Room Barricade Bar: Use to create a panic room in your house. Secure your house better than a regular lock/deadbolt.
    • (how? because it makes people’s kicking force be spread across the whole door instead of concentrated on the normal lock.)
    • Door barricade can work even if door opens OUT – by putting bar holder bracket on the DOOR and not the door frame!
  • French Door Barricade Bar: See the pictures for ONE unique customer who used these bar holders to create a kick board door stopper barricade for french doors. Very clever, and very attractive.

Features 2×4 holder bracket end cap:

  • unique design allows an inner door jamb installation
  • 1/8 inch galvanized steel with optional powder coat painted construction
  • Compact design – only requires a single 2×4 wide to mount upon
  • 100% made in America. To be specific, made in Texas.
  • If you buy the “RAW” version you can paint it yourself (not hard but my powder coat is better.)

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in



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