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Lost Key – Solving a long standing human problem

How big is the lost key problem? Just search on google for “keep from losing keys” and google will tell you that phrase has 62,000,000 results.

In case you are wondering, 62,000,000 is a really big number. It tells me that the lost key is a big problem. I’m betting that every day all the time consumed by finding lost keys would be millions of hours. Every day.

The “ad space” on google is crowded with people buying the “lost key” keyword. Most of these advertisements are for the electronic key tiles or a retractable keychain.

The Big Takeaway for Lost Keys – Put them in the same place

One of the top blog articles on the interwebs says as their number one suggestion to prevent a lost key is to “Put Them In the Same Spot“. MOST people have incredibly cluttered countertops making this very hard for many people. But truly, this is the BEST suggestion. The simple product discussed later in this article will aim to follow this suggestion. Suggestion #6 by A-1 Locksmith does say to “get your crap together” .

Bob Vila over at waits until slide #4 to tell you to “Have a Place for Everything“. I think that is great advice to help you avoid a lost key. Even if you don’t have a place for everything, everything WILL eventually find a place – a hidden dark out of site place.

Over at Raven Gadgets, their #2 and #3 suggestions are to “Stay Organized” and “Put Things Back To Where They Belong”. I couldn’t agree more.

So, the number 1 issue at my house has ALWAYS been “counterspace”. Even the act of buying an organizer of any type consumes counter space and creates its own organizational issues.

If you are going to leave your keys in the same spot every day, you will be battling the counter space problem.

Unless there is a better way. A great way would be to hang your keys on a peg on a wall. You can hang keys on a wall mounted rack. There are countless wall mounted key organizers on Amazon. These are great, but they take of wall space. WORSE they require you to put tape, nails. screws, or holes into your wall. What if you change your mind?

Solving the Lost Key problem with special Light Switch Cover

This is where the clever slip-under light switch cover keychain holder solves most of these problems. Using the space directly under your light switches lets you have a very unique place for your keys.

These wall mounted light switch cover organization hooks have a number of great advantages:

  • No drilled holes
  • It is located right by your light switches – which is the very place most convenient when leaving/arriving at your house
  • It does not require any counter space
  • Read about the idea of the light switch cover as a place to organize things

Light Switch Cover Keychain Holders Are Easy to Install

The beauty of the the Light Switch Cover Keychain Holder is that it is very easy to install.

Here are the steps:

  • (before ordering – make sure you know the width/size of your current light switch cover)
  • Remove the light switch cover
  • place the light switch cover keychain holder where the light switch cover was.
  • press the light switch cover gently again the keychain holder so that the ridge keeps the two pieces together.
  • put the screws back in – don’t over tighten or you will break your cover
  • There may be a slight gap at the light switch. That won’t hurt a thing.
  • Now the best step – hang your keys on the hooks!
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