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10 Funny Reasons a Wall Mount Key Holder Can Revolutionize Your Existence

KeyChain Holder for Wall for 2-Gang Light Switch Cover Showing Keys Hanging

Are you tired of playing hide and seek with your keys every morning? Ever been late because your keys decided to pull a vanishing act? Fear not, for we have the solution to all your key-related conundrums!

The Wall Mount Key Holder is a Game Changer

The almighty Key Holder for the wall is here to revolutionize your life, and trust us, it’s not just about holding keys. Let’s delve into the top 10 reasons why this invention is the key to unlocking a whole new level of organization and amusement.

  1. Unleash Your Inner Sleuth:
    Remember those moments of frantic searching when you’re late for work, and your keys decide to play a game of hide-and-seek? With this wall mount key holder, you’ll never have to embark on a Sherlock Holmes-style investigation to find your keys again. No more mysterious disappearances!
  2. The “Where Are My Keys?” Dance Routine:
    Picture this: a wall mount key holder that ends the infamous “Where Are My Keys?” dance routine. You know the one – the frantic shuffle around the house, the exaggerated patting of pockets, the dismayed head shaking. Say goodbye to the dance of desperation!
  3. The “Land of the Forgotten” Rescue Mission:
    Keys have a knack for finding their way to the most peculiar places. Couch cushions, inside plant pots, in the fridge (yes, it happens). The wall mount key holder ensures your keys never venture off into the mysterious “Land of the Forgotten” again.
  4. The Untold Perks of Wall Decor:
    Your walls deserve more than just a painting or a framed photo. They deserve a purpose! Why not adorn your walls with a key holder for the light switch cover that not only keeps your keys in check but also adds a touch of sophistication to your living space? It’s functional and fabulous!
  5. Keys Gone Wild No More:
    Ever had your keys rebel against their designated spot and go on an adventure of their own, ending up under the couch or behind a bookshelf? A wall mount key holder puts an end to this rebellion, keeping your keys in line and right where they should be.
  6. The “Quick Exit” Achiever:
    Have you ever been in a rush to leave, but your keys seem to be playing a game of hide and seek? With a wall mount key holder, you’ll be the proud owner of the “Quick Exit” achievement – grab your keys and go, no hunting required!
  7. Leash Liberation Station:
    It’s not just keys! This miraculous key holder wall bracket can also double as a leash holder. No more tangled mess of leashes—hang them neatly and relish the newfound order in your life. Even Fido will thank you!
  8. Ninja-Level Cord Management:
    Ever struggled with headphone cords that magically tangle themselves into impossible knots? The wall mount key holder can come to your rescue, keeping cords in check and preventing them from staging their own cord ballet.
  9. The “Houdini of Chaos” Award:
    This light switch cover mounted key holder is the true Houdini of Chaos, making disorganization vanish into thin air. It transforms the chaos of scattered keys and cords into a well-organized spectacle that will leave you in awe.
  10. A Symphony of Convenience:
    Imagine a symphony where keys, leashes, and cords play in perfect harmony, each finding their designated hook with ease. This wall mount key holder orchestrates this symphony of convenience, making your life melodiously organized.

In conclusion, let’s raise our imaginary glasses to the Wall Mount Key Holder—an invention that brings laughter, organization, and a touch of magic into our lives. If you’re ready to bid farewell to key-related chaos, dance routines, and Houdini acts, then head over to and let the magic begin. This wall mount key holder will change your life in ways you never thought possible! (BTW you can find this key holder for light switch cover on Amazon too).

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Unlocking the Potential: Mounting Organizers Behind Light Switch Covers

Introduction: Maximizing Space with Light Switch Wall Plates

When it comes to optimizing space in our homes, light switch covers might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these seemingly ordinary wall plates present an ingenious opportunity to create functional and attractive storage solutions. By mounting organizers behind the light switch wall plate, you can maximize utility without the need for drilling or nails, making it especially appealing for renters.

Exploring the Versatility of Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers, also known as wall plates, are omnipresent in every home. They conceal the electrical wiring and add a finishing touch to the walls. However, what often goes unnoticed is the potential space they occupy, and the untapped opportunity to turn this space into functional storage.

The Light Switch Cover as a Canvas

Imagine turning a standard light switch cover into a canvas for organization. By utilizing the space behind the cover, you can mount various organizers that not only declutter your living space but also add a touch of functionality.

Utilizing the Light Switch Cover: Key Hook Rack

One fantastic organizer that can be mounted behind the light switch cover is a Key Hook Rack. It’s a clever solution to keep your keys organized and within reach. This option allows you to maximize space without making any permanent changes to your wall, making it perfect for renters who want to add functionality without damaging the property.

The Convenience of a Leash Hook

If you’re a pet owner, a Leash Hook is a fantastic addition behind your light switch cover. It provides a designated spot to hang your pet’s leash, ensuring you never misplace it. Just slip it behind the light switch wall plate and enjoy the convenience it brings to your daily routine.

Modern Convenience with an Alexa Mounting Bracket

For those embracing smart home technology, an Alexa Mounting Bracket behind your light switch cover can be a game-changer. It offers a discreet and efficient way to keep your smart assistant within easy reach. The beauty of this option lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with your existing home decor.

Transforming Your Space with an Outlet Shelf

Need to charge your devices or display small items? An Outlet Shelf is a perfect solution for utilizing the space behind the light switch wall plate. It offers a surface to place your devices or decorative items, keeping them organized and off countertops.

A Light Switch Shelf: A Handy Addition

Consider adding a Light Switch Shelf behind your cover. It’s a small but practical addition, providing a convenient spot to place your keys, phone, or any other small item you need quick access to. This unobtrusive shelf can make a big difference in your daily routine.

Advantages of Mounting Organizers Behind Light Switch Covers

The beauty of utilizing the space behind the light switch wall plate lies in its numerous advantages:

  1. No Drilling Needed: Unlike traditional wall mounting methods that often involve drilling, mounting organizers behind light switch covers requires no drilling, ensuring your walls remain intact.
  2. Optimal Use of Wasted Space: Light switch covers typically occupy prime wall real estate. Mounting organizers behind them transforms this otherwise wasted space into functional storage.
  3. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Light switches are strategically placed throughout our homes, making them the perfect spots for convenient storage. The items you mount behind the cover will always be easily accessible.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing Storage: The organizers can be chosen to complement your decor, adding to the visual appeal of your home. They blend seamlessly with the existing light switch cover, maintaining a clean and cohesive look.
  5. Versatile Interchangeability: Switching out the mounted item for something else is incredibly easy. You can adapt the organizer to your changing needs and preferences without any hassle.

Conclusion: Transforming Your Living Space

Mounting organizers behind light switch covers is a simple yet ingenious way to maximize the use of space in your home. It offers an array of benefits, especially for renters who seek to enhance their living space without causing any damage. From key hook racks to shelves and more, the possibilities are vast. Consider exploring these options and make the most out of this often overlooked space.

When it comes to maximizing the often overlooked space behind light switch covers, the possibilities are vast. One fantastic option is the Key Hook Rack. This clever solution provides a designated spot to keep your keys organized and easily accessible. Check out an example of a Key Hook Rack here. If you’re a pet owner, a Leash Hook could be a game-changer, giving you a convenient place to hang your pet’s leash. Discover a leash hook designed to fit snugly under a light switch cover here.

For those embracing smart home technology, the Alexa Mounting Bracket is a modern convenience worth exploring. It offers a discreet and efficient way to keep your smart assistant within easy reach. You can find the Alexa Mounting Bracket here. Additionally, an Outlet Shelf is a practical solution for utilizing the space behind the light switch wall plate. It provides a surface to place your devices or decorative items, keeping them organized and off countertops. Discover the versatility of an outlet shelf here. Lastly, consider adding a Light Switch Shelf, a handy addition providing a convenient spot to place your keys, phone, or any other small item you need quick access to. Check out a light switch shelf here and transform your living space.

For an exclusive selection of organizer items perfect for mounting behind light switch covers, visit BearMar. Turn your light switch covers into functional and stylish organizers today!

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Finding Convenience: The Dog Leash Holder for Wall Mount

Finally, a solution for dog owners that makes grabbing the leash a breeze! The dog leash holder for wall mount is here to bring convenience to your daily walks with your furry friend. Imagine having a leash holder right under your light switch cover, and the best part? No drilling holes in your walls. Let’s dive into how this pet leash holder can make your dog-walking routine smoother and your living space tidier.

Discovering the Ideal Solution: Pet Leash Holder for Every Dog Owner

Owning a dog is a joy, but finding the leash when it’s time for a walk can be a hassle. Enter the leash holder wall mount, a simple yet ingenious solution. Designed for dog owners who value ease and functionality, this leash holder provides a dedicated space to hang your dog’s leash. The added advantage is that you can install it under your light switch cover in less than 2 minutes.

The Convenience of Installation: No Drilling Needed

Installing the dog leash holder for wall is a breeze. The beauty of this solution lies in its simplicity – no need to bring out the toolbox or drill holes in your walls. Simply slip it under your light switch cover, and voila! Your leash holder is ready to use. This makes it an excellent option, especially for renters who want to keep their walls intact while still enjoying the benefits of an organized leash.

A Home That Stays Tidy: Say Goodbye to Clutter

One of the major benefits of the leash holder wall mount is its ability to keep your living space organized. No more hunting for the leash when it’s time to take your dog for a walk. The leash holder ensures that everything is in its place, contributing to a tidy home. For those who appreciate order and neatness, this is the perfect solution.

Durability and Reliability: A Sturdy Choice for Your Pet’s Needs

When it comes to your pet’s accessories, durability is key. The dog leash holder for wall is built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures the secure hanging of your leash. You can trust this sturdy construction to hold your dog’s leash reliably, day after day.

Take Action and Simplify Your Routine: Purchase Now!

Ready to streamline your dog-walking routine and keep your living space organized? Purchase the leash holder wall mount now and experience the difference. Install it effortlessly under your light switch cover and enjoy the convenience it brings to your daily life. For those who prefer alternate purchase options, you can also find this product on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. Opt for the link that suits your comfort and get ready for a more organized dog-walking experience.

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Discover Organization and Convenience with the Key Hook Rack for Light Switch Cover

Are you tired of misplacing your keys or struggling to find a convenient place to hang them? BearMar offers an innovative solution with their Key Holder Hook Racks for Light Switch Cover. This ingenious product provides a simple yet effective way to keep your keys organized. Your keys accessible while utilizing the space right under your light switch cover.

Utilize Your Light Switch Cover Space with the Key Holder Hook Rack

Introducing the Key Holder Hook Rack for Light Switch Cover. This is a practical and space-saving accessory that seamlessly fits into your daily routine. This unique rack slips easily under your light switch cover plate. This allows you to maximize the unused space around your switches. By utilizing this often overlooked area, you can keep your keys conveniently placed and within arm’s reach as you enter or leave your home.

The key hook rack is designed to snugly fit beneath your light switch cover. Your space is now a discreet and stylish choice for key organization. This innovative concept ensures that you won’t need to drill holes or install additional hooks on your walls. It’s a convenient solution for those who prefer to maintain a clean and minimalist aesthetic in their living spaces.

Key Features and Benefits of the Key Holder Hook Rack for Light Switch Cover

  1. Effortless Installation and Integration
    Installing the key hook rack is a breeze. Simply slide it underneath your existing light switch cover plate without the need for special tools or skills. It seamlessly integrates into your home decor. It also blends with the surroundings and adds functionality. The installation process is quick, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of organization right away.
  2. Space Optimization and Clutter Reduction
    With the key hook rack discreetly tucked under your light switch cover, you’re optimizing unused space efficiently. This innovative placement reduces countertop or wall clutter, providing a neat and organized solution for your keys. No more scrambling to find your keys—they’ll be right where you need them, ensuring a smooth and organized daily routine.
  3. Durable and Sturdy Construction
    Crafted from high-quality materials, the key holder hook rack for light switch cover is built to last. Its durable construction ensures that it can securely hold your keys without any concerns about it bending or breaking. You can trust this rack to keep your keys in place day after day, providing a reliable and long-lasting organization solution.

A Versatile Key Organization Solution

The key hook rack for light switch cover offers a versatile solution for organizing more than just keys. Use it to hang small accessories like hats, leashes, or lanyards, providing you with a versatile organizational tool that suits your needs. Its discreet design ensures that it won’t overpower your decor. This organizers make a flexible and adaptable accessory for any living space.

Make the most of your light switch cover area with the key hook rack—a simple yet ingenious way to keep your keys and small items organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to misplaced keys and disorganized living spaces. Get your key hook hanger today and experience the convenience of a clutter-free entryway. Find it here at BearMar.

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Lost Key – Solving a long standing human problem

How big is the lost key problem? Just search on google for “keep from losing keys” and google will tell you that phrase has 62,000,000 results.

In case you are wondering, 62,000,000 is a really big number. It tells me that the lost key is a big problem. I’m betting that every day all the time consumed by finding lost keys would be millions of hours. Every day.

The “ad space” on google is crowded with people buying the “lost key” keyword. Most of these advertisements are for the electronic key tiles or a retractable keychain.

The Big Takeaway for Lost Keys – Put them in the same place

One of the top blog articles on the interwebs says as their number one suggestion to prevent a lost key is to “Put Them In the Same Spot“. MOST people have incredibly cluttered countertops making this very hard for many people. But truly, this is the BEST suggestion. The simple product discussed later in this article will aim to follow this suggestion. Suggestion #6 by A-1 Locksmith does say to “get your crap together” .

Bob Vila over at waits until slide #4 to tell you to “Have a Place for Everything“. I think that is great advice to help you avoid a lost key. Even if you don’t have a place for everything, everything WILL eventually find a place – a hidden dark out of site place.

Over at Raven Gadgets, their #2 and #3 suggestions are to “Stay Organized” and “Put Things Back To Where They Belong”. I couldn’t agree more.

So, the number 1 issue at my house has ALWAYS been “counterspace”. Even the act of buying an organizer of any type consumes counter space and creates its own organizational issues.

If you are going to leave your keys in the same spot every day, you will be battling the counter space problem.

Unless there is a better way. A great way would be to hang your keys on a peg on a wall. You can hang keys on a wall mounted rack. There are countless wall mounted key organizers on Amazon. These are great, but they take of wall space. WORSE they require you to put tape, nails. screws, or holes into your wall. What if you change your mind?

Solving the Lost Key problem with special Light Switch Cover

This is where the clever slip-under light switch cover keychain holder solves most of these problems. Using the space directly under your light switches lets you have a very unique place for your keys.

These wall mounted light switch cover organization hooks have a number of great advantages:

  • No drilled holes
  • It is located right by your light switches – which is the very place most convenient when leaving/arriving at your house
  • It does not require any counter space
  • Read about the idea of the light switch cover as a place to organize things

Light Switch Cover Keychain Holders Are Easy to Install

The beauty of the the Light Switch Cover Keychain Holder is that it is very easy to install.

Here are the steps:

  • (before ordering – make sure you know the width/size of your current light switch cover)
  • Remove the light switch cover
  • place the light switch cover keychain holder where the light switch cover was.
  • press the light switch cover gently again the keychain holder so that the ridge keeps the two pieces together.
  • put the screws back in – don’t over tighten or you will break your cover
  • There may be a slight gap at the light switch. That won’t hurt a thing.
  • Now the best step – hang your keys on the hooks!
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Using the Key Chain Holder Light Switch Slip-Under Mounting Bracket for Tactical Flashlight

Does a Key Chain Holder for the Wall make sense?

One user wrote me and 100% “gets” the idea that the SINGLE best place to have a flashlight is right at your entry way light switch that is by every single door in the United States. I’d bet that most all other countries where electric power is common have light switches at the doors to their houses. Even most businesses do this too.

It makes 100% sense. First thing you do when entering a house in all but the brightest daylight is to turn on a light switch so you can see what you are doing. Last thing you do when leaving a house is to turn off the lights.

Now if you hear something outside and its dark – you generally go to a window with the lights out to investigate *OR* you go to your door and look outside. When its dark you want a really good flashlight.

Therefore, the BEST place to have a flashlight is ON THE LIGHT SWITCH or at least UNDER the light switch cover wall plate.

That is why I invented the Key Holder for Wall using Under the Light Switch Cover technique.

Gearlight S1000 Mini Review: This flashlight is small and mighty. It has a very bright LED with a telescoping barrel which allows you to focus the light like a laser or to make the light broad to flood an area. It is small and lightweight so good for children all the way to elderly. It has several different settings, which I find a bit tiresome. I would prefer a simple on/off. It takes three AAA batteries and it isn’t too difficult to change batteries. You can fit a specialty rechargeable battery, but I’ve never done that. It is a good flashlight and not very expensive. One more thing it is made of aluminum (I think) which is one more positive attribute. (As of this writing Amazon has 40,356 ratings at 4.7 stars with only 20% 1-star ratings. Anything less than 5% on 1-star is a very good product once there are over 100-200 ratings)

So one user asked me… “Can you make the wall mounted key holder in off-white – almond to be exact?” I said all I had was bright white and all my plastics I order from a person in Houston. So I said – here is my friend in Houston’s web site of color choices – If you find some plastic color that you like, I’ll order a roll. Of course I didn’t tell her I’d lose my shirt on this deal, but I often don’t care because I just want to be a positive force for good. Silly. I know.

She picked off-white and I ordered plastics just for her. She was OK with waiting an extra week.

After receiving the plastic, I manufactured a key chain holder for the wall mount for her in off-white. I wasn’t over the moon with the off-white – it was more of a translucent white but I packaged it up and sent it to this very kind customer.

You can imagine my surprise when she sent me back a picture of her usage of the single gang wall mount keychain holder for her tactical flashlight. This was so nice that while I’m a grown man I almost came to tears. People are so mean on the internet and when you invent products, they are your baby. So when people are nice and say nice things it has an ultra powerful impact.