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Using the Key Chain Holder Light Switch Slip-Under Mounting Bracket for Tactical Flashlight

Does a Key Chain Holder for the Wall make sense?

One user wrote me and 100% “gets” the idea that the SINGLE best place to have a flashlight is right at your entry way light switch that is by every single door in the United States. I’d bet that most all other countries where electric power is common have light switches at the doors to their houses. Even most businesses do this too.

It makes 100% sense. First thing you do when entering a house in all but the brightest daylight is to turn on a light switch so you can see what you are doing. Last thing you do when leaving a house is to turn off the lights.

Now if you hear something outside and its dark – you generally go to a window with the lights out to investigate *OR* you go to your door and look outside. When its dark you want a really good flashlight.

Therefore, the BEST place to have a flashlight is ON THE LIGHT SWITCH or at least UNDER the light switch cover wall plate.

That is why I invented the Key Holder for Wall using Under the Light Switch Cover technique.

Gearlight S1000 Mini Review: This flashlight is small and mighty. It has a very bright LED with a telescoping barrel which allows you to focus the light like a laser or to make the light broad to flood an area. It is small and lightweight so good for children all the way to elderly. It has several different settings, which I find a bit tiresome. I would prefer a simple on/off. It takes three AAA batteries and it isn’t too difficult to change batteries. You can fit a specialty rechargeable battery, but I’ve never done that. It is a good flashlight and not very expensive. One more thing it is made of aluminum (I think) which is one more positive attribute. (As of this writing Amazon has 40,356 ratings at 4.7 stars with only 20% 1-star ratings. Anything less than 5% on 1-star is a very good product once there are over 100-200 ratings)

So one user asked me… “Can you make the wall mounted key holder in off-white – almond to be exact?” I said all I had was bright white and all my plastics I order from a person in Houston. So I said – here is my friend in Houston’s web site of color choices – If you find some plastic color that you like, I’ll order a roll. Of course I didn’t tell her I’d lose my shirt on this deal, but I often don’t care because I just want to be a positive force for good. Silly. I know.

She picked off-white and I ordered plastics just for her. She was OK with waiting an extra week.

After receiving the plastic, I manufactured a key chain holder for the wall mount for her in off-white. I wasn’t over the moon with the off-white – it was more of a translucent white but I packaged it up and sent it to this very kind customer.

You can imagine my surprise when she sent me back a picture of her usage of the single gang wall mount keychain holder for her tactical flashlight. This was so nice that while I’m a grown man I almost came to tears. People are so mean on the internet and when you invent products, they are your baby. So when people are nice and say nice things it has an ultra powerful impact.

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