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Customer Review of Gamma Seal Lid / Vittles Vault Lid Tool on Etsy

Customer review of gamma seal lid handle off of etsy. Probably used with the vittles vault

One thing I didn’t really think about when I made the Vittles Vault Lid Handle was that there are people who have arthritis and other ailments that affect their grip and strength. This was one of the first reviews where I learned that my tool helps people who are suffering in some small way. Wow!

I have difficulty opening and closing my dog’s vault, but I was unsure if this would fit the smaller vaults. I reached out, and the creator took the trouble of testing it out on different sizes at the pet store to let me know if it would fit. They were awesome at keeping me informed. I just received the handle today, and it works/fits perfectly! So glad to have found this product!

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Customer Review for Wall Mount Key Hanger for Light Switch Covers

This review shows my commitment to making sure you get a good product! Love it. I’ve worked very hard to make the Key Hook product a great product.

We recently order the Light Switch Cover Key Holder and the results are fantastic. We live in a small space with limited storage and this immediately helped clear some clutter off our countertop. The first attempt did not fit quite right and the seller immediately reached out to help solve the issue. After sharing some measurements, he custom built a new key holder that fits perfectly. So happy with this purchase.

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Key Rack for Light Switch Cover Review

I was happy to receive a nice review from an experienced Amazon review… The review is on this product, the key holder for wall mount via a light switch cover.

These wall mount key holders are easy to install and look elegant. They’re sturdy and well made, and are a practical space saving alternative. No mess, no fuss, I’m happy with these and would recommend.

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Vittles Vault/Gamma Handle Review from Etsy

Vittles Vault Lid Handle Review

This is such a wonderful review for the Gamma Seal Lid Handle

When I un-packaged the Vittle container handle, my first thought was this looks 3d printed, which I didn’t read in the description. I proceeded to put the handle on the lid of my bin and I was immediately impressed at the precision of this handles fit! It was perfect! I have severe arthritis in my hands and was elated at finding a handle for my Vittles bin that I’ve had for 8 years. If I accidentally tighten the lid too much, which is not hard to do with the gasket on the lid, then it hurts my hands terribly trying to open it. This handle is just awesome for me and works flawlessly!

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Review of the Milk Frother Stand Only Replacement

The milk frother stand only replacement from BearMar is a clever little add-on to your kitchen which buys you back space and gives your kitchen a little splash of color.

Here is the review:

excellent review of milk frother stand only
excellent review of milk frother stand only

This frother stand not only cleans up my counter space but is perfect for fall as Iam one that loves everything pumpkin spice!! My previous stand would always tip over, this definitely takes care of that issue! This does have a mount to attach to the cabinet, but I used a Command Strip on my backsplash that worked perfectly! Can’t wait to replace the pumpkin with another holiday! Would definitely recommend this product!

You can find the frother holder stand only replacement on Etsy.